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You Speak My Words With Doubt

You speak My word right out of your mouth; but in your heart there is fear, anxiety, and doubt. You say by My stripes you are healed; but in the next breath you begin to say, exactly how you feel. Double minded and unsure of what My word says; You put your trust in doctors, psychiatrist, and meds. When others are not around, you speak what is contrary to My word. You've never made a decision to act in faith on what you've heard. You question God the Father. You are angry and even blame Me; when it was you who could not believe, you would be made whole and free. It is you My precious ones who made the ultimate choice, to listen to the stranger's lying deceiving voice. Are your loved ones bound and lost? Are they sick or are they in pain? There is only one way to overcome, and that is through the power of My name. No more wondering, no more wavering or doubting what I have promised. Keep your eye on Me. I am faithful, just, and honest. Believe Me, trust Me, I will bring it to pass. I heard your cries the first time. Even before you asked.

James 1:6-8; II Corinthians 5:7

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