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Take A Closer Look (at the one you plan to marry)

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Take a closer look, at the person you plan to marry. The baggage in their life might be too much for you to carry. Do you know what kind of life they lead? Do you even know who they are? Are you equally yoked according to God’s word? Does this person even know the Lord? Do you know what they are or where they’ve been? Do you know their associates or their friends? Do you really know what’s behind the laughter and the smile? Are you sure they’re not making plans to control you all the while? Do they have a genuine relationship with Jesus the Christ? Do you know what secret sins are hidden in their life? Are they arrogant, are they insensitive, are they rude and at times unkind? Do you know if they have a criminal record; or if they’ve been convicted of a serious crime? Do you recognize Godly character? Do you know if their heart is right? You can begin by asking questions. Whatever is in the dark, God will bring to the light. Do you know if they are honest? Do you really listen to what they are saying? Are they willing to go with you before the Lord, or do they shy away from praying? Have they told you they are a Christian; but their fruit says it’s a lie. When confronted do they give you a flaky explanation, followed by a nervous chuckle and a sigh. Do they consistently make excuses for not attending church? Do you notice a lack of commitment? Do they really put God first? Have you observed their interaction with their sisters and their brothers? How do they respond to their nieces, nephews, and their mother? Do they handle your children with love and respect; or will they be prone to abusive behavior every opportunity that they get? Do they love our Heavenly Father? Are they truly committed to Him? Or is it pretense and deception? Maybe for them that’s how it’s always been. Did you pray about this person? By Godly wisdom and understanding were you led? Did you allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you, if this is the one the Lord has chosen for you to wed. 

Amos 3:3; II Corinthians 6:14-17

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