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Return To The Lord

Life and its many challenges has caused you to be overwhelmed and hurt. You have allowed the devil to convince you that being a Christian just does not work. Because your dreams and desires haven’t always gone your way; you have rebelled against God and refused to pray, when you know it’s because of Him, you are alive today. You have made a decision to depart from the faith. You say you’re feed up with the stress of constantly having to wait. You have walked away from the truth of God’s word, only to believe a lie. In the end, you’ll wind up lost, without Christ. Do you believe you can truly survive without Jesus in your life? The Lord knows the enemy’s attacks, have been traumatic and extremely severe; until even when He is speaking, at times His voice you could not hear. You are angry and bitter. You say God is to blame. But in those times of success, did you remember to bless His name? Have you so soon forgotten the teachings and the life lessons our Savior taught? Perhaps your relationship with Him was not as solid as you thought. The Lord has clearly warned you that perilous times would come. Will you be the one that draws the lost away from God’s risen Son? You’ve allowed the cares of this life to separate you from the God of mercy and love. Remember, it is the Lord who redeemed your life by the shedding of His blood. Jesus suffered just like you; but He knew dying on the cross is what He had to do, because of His unconditional love for you. Do you think He doesn’t understand what you are going through? Why turn your back on the One who gave His life for you? Return to the Lord and He will heal your pain. The devil is out to destroy you. You must resist Him in Jesus name. Return to the Lord. He has not left you. Allow His grace and glory to restore what’s been broken in you.

Romans 8:38-39 Joel 2:13a II Timothy 3:1-9

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