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It Is Finished!

It is finished! It is finished! I paid the price. Now refuse to allow the devil to destroy your life. I bore in My own body your sickness and disease. Through faith in My name you must decide to believe. With boldness and confidence, declare and receive. I sacrificed My life. I shed My own blood. The wicked one can not touch you when you're abiding in faith and love. Whispering and back-biting, it's time to let it go! For too long you've allowed the enemy to overpower you and take control-over your attitude, your body, and your emotions too. Rise up now and take back everything the devil stole from you- your family, your finances, and your peace of mind. Those fiery trials you face in life, there are no words that can define; the glory of the Lord that shall be revealed in His own way and time. It is finished! It is finished! By My stripes you are healed. Take what you need by faith. No more settling by the way that you feel. It is finished! It is finished! The world will soon see. I'm coming in great power, splendor and majesty. My children will be caught up to heaven to spend all eternity with Me. Take to heart what I have said; Don't be left behind. The world is quickly passing away. Unbelievers you're running out of time.

John 19:30; I Thessalonians 4:16-18; 5:1-4;

Revelations 22:12-14, 20

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