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It Hurts Our Heavenly Father

The sickness, the disease, and the devastation that you see, it hurts our Heavenly Father who gave His only Son to s​et you free. The arrogance, the wickedness, the rebellion and the pride, it hurts our Heavenly Father when His word you blatantly defy. The darkness, the iniquity, that you allow in your life, there is nothing God can do, when you’re living contrary to the ways of Christ. The lying, the cheating, and your trust in the world and man, without the Lord there is no way, for you to be able to stand. The conflict, the hatred, the anger and the strife, the Lord will turn it around if you submit to His will for your life. Turning a deaf ear and closing your heart, God’s favor and provision, you will never have a part. The resentment and the fear will never depart. The blame, the shame, and taking your rage out on the Lord; when you know it’s your stubbornness and sin that brought you to where you are. The trouble, the struggles, you say God just does not care. Through every problem you’ve ever faced, His hand of mercy has always been there. The drug addicts and the homeless, God sees them all. Many refuse to answer although the Lord continues to call. The poverty, the hunger, the pain and the lack, Jesus took care of it all with the lashes He bore on His back. The depression, the hopelessness and the sadness that you feel, Jesus paid the price, for you to be delivered and healed. Confusion and prejudice, He nailed it to the cross; because He didn’t want you to die in your sin; forever separated from God and eternally lost.

Ezekiel 18:32:

For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone,

declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

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