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Beauty is an attribute rooted deep within the heart. It is finding the courage to pick up the pieces of a life that has been torn apart. Beauty is an inner strength filled with love and compassion. It is not in luxurious homes and cars; nor is it in the latest fashion. Beauty is in the quality, not the quantity of life. It is living every moment as if it were your last. It is trusting the Father to heal the wounds of a painful and broken past. Beauty is encouraging; it

is uplifting and willing to pray. It is using your life to bring the light to those who have lost their way. Beauty is not in the wrinkles or the smoothness of the skin. It is a commitment to honor and bless the Lord and to receive Him as comforter and friend. Beauty is neither in the length and color, nor is it in the texture of the hair. It is reaching the oppressed and the lonely with tenderness and Godly care. Beauty is a heartfelt desire to fulfill God’s will and plan. It is enduring hardships like a good soldier and knowing that in Christ you can. Beauty is sharing the love of God with children throughout the world. Wonderfully and fearfully made are these precious little boys and girls. It is helping the little ones to understand that in Christ lies their true value and worth. It is knowing God’s grace has rested upon them, even before their birth. Beauty is in the high praises and the worship of our Lord. It is giving Him glory and honor, even when life seems empty and hard. Beauty is having the willingness to forgive a cruel and senseless offense. It is reaching out with a loving touch, when in the natural it makes no sense. Beauty is having the boldness to get up and begin again. It is taking hold of the promises of God, and knowing deliverance and victory is in Him. Beauty is

a firm, unshakable foundation built on our Lord and Christ. It is happiness, peace, joy, and hope, and in the end, eternal life.

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