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A Heart to Live in Troubled Times:

Psalms of Exhortation and Comfort

Foreward By Dr. Betty R. Price

Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA

If you are challenged in any area of your life, you can be free by reading this book. It could be drugs, sex, raising your children, sickness, death, marital problems, teenage problems, prejudice, old age, or whatever anyone could encounter in life. I believe the hand of God directed Gloria as she wrote these words of exhortation and comfort. It is truly one of the most inspiring books that I have ever read, and I believe that it will be a blessing and bring comfort to every reader. I highly recommend it.


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What a Blessing!

"Wow, what an amazing testimonial of the love and forgiveness of God. "A Heart to Live in Troubled Times" has taught me so much about to love unconditionally, to forgive myself, my children and others; to never be held captive by my past or future, and that there is nothing in life that I cannot overcome through Jesus. The combined true life experiences of the writer and poems of encouragement at the end of each story, is truly original and uplifting. You will be blessed, as I am!!! I purchased several copies for friends and family...the feedback is incredible. Thank God for this book!"

                                                                       - Janis, Medical Staff Director


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